Please take a moment of silence to honor Debra McCurdy. She has fought breast cancer for 17 years. Sources say that Jennette McCurdy will be cancelling Worldwide Day of Play to recover from such a devastating loss to the woman who has meant the whole world to her. Also be sure to send supportive and tweet @jennettemccurdy and her family. We can only imagine what she is going through right now.

First and last lines of the trio.

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lori grimes + favorite moments [1/?]
her speech/goodbye to carl  

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what the hell is wrong with me?

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Sterek AU - Stiles discovers that Derek has left town, therefore leaving him and has a panic attack.

Stiles heads round to Derek’s one morning, only to find that it’s empty. He doesn’t know why, so he heads to school afterwards. He’s worried as Derek isn’t replying back to his texts and calls, so he keeps pestering Lydia and Scott, only to eventually find out that Derek has left town. Stiles is devastated as they had just started their relationship a week beforehand, and he has an panic attack, so it’s up to Lydia to calm him down.

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i wish i liked you

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